Understanding and Overcoming Your Fear of Bridges

For a long time, I had a terrible fear of bridges.  Driving over them was almost impossible, I’d do anything to avoid them, sometimes even driving miles and miles out of my way just to not have to go over one.  Bridges that were over water were even worse, the thought of having to driving over a bridge spanning water was enough to give me a panic attack that would screw me up for hours afterward.

Walking over them wasn’t much better, but at least less frequent.  On a vacation a group I was with wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it and felt humiliated.  On another trip I had to pull over and have my wife drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It hard to feel like a strong husband when you can’t summon the courage to drive across a bridge that probably takes just a few minutes to cross.  I found out a wasn’t alone and that many large bridges even have special services and procedures to accommodate the many people with a fear or anxiety of being on bridges, you can read about it by clicking here.

I finally got fed up living with this phobia and decided to do some research into my fear, and what could be done about it.  I couldn’t believe that I could barely find ANYTHING.  Was I so strange that nobody else had this same fear?  All I found were a bunch of crummy hypnosis programs that promised cures within minutes, which we all know is bunk.

After several years of research, trial and error, and thousands of dollars spent on therapists and programs for anxiety, I overcame my fear and now I can drive over bridges without any fear at all.  To be honest I barely even realize when I’m on one now.

But I was still frustrated and a little bit angry, because conquering my fear didn’t need to be so hard, or take as long as it did.  There were only a few simple things I had to do to overcome my fear and anxiety, and once I learned them, life got a LOT better FAST.  The problem was the years I had to spend weeding through all the garbage to get to the nuggets of information that helped me!

I decided this was unacceptable to me…I knew how many others there was still struggling with driving anxiety and a fear of bridges, highways, and countless other driving situations, so I decided to share what took me years to learn.  I  developed the Driving Fear Program which has grown to be the one of the leading driving anxiety treatment program available anywhere.

The Program has helped literally thousands of people all over the world work to overcome their fears, take back control over their life, and regain their freedom.  Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, it contains both written, audio, and even video material, and  includes my trademarked S.A.F.E. Series driving anxiety recovery tool, all for less than you probably spent on fancy coffee last month!

You don’t have to live with your fear of bridges, or learn to “cope” with your anxiety – I believe you can CONQUER it and put it behind you – in your past – where it belongs.

Click below to learn more about the Driving Fear Program and to watch a free video that explains more about how it works:

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